All About The Types Of Cats

There are types of cats everywhere and no two cats look exactly alike or act the same. All look very different and come in a range of colors. They could come in single colors such as white, gray, brown, or orange. Of course a very popular and common cat type color you see everywhere is the Black cat.

While other cats have a mixture of a few colors, such as white with patches of another color. You probably have seen this, since it is quite a common pattern. This type of cat is known as Tabby Cats. The other one is known as the Calico Cat.

Some types of cats are a mixture of many different breeds, called non-pedigree cats. This breed is everywhere around the world and there is a ton of them. Of course, there is the pedigree cat, known as purebred. You can usually tell by looking at a cat, if the cat is a purebred or not. There are about 80 different breeds of this type of cats. Purebred cats usually have similar colored hair, eyes, and body type. The owners usually have a certificate stating that their cat is also a purebred.

There are so many that have different personalities, shapes, and sizes. Some cats have very long, narrow heads with long, pointed ears, and short legs. Some have flat faces with a short nose. They can be very large, fluffy, and shaggy. Others even have no tails or have folded ears. There are also the allergy free cats for people who are allergic to cats. One thing in common is that any type of cat will bring you a cheerful and interesting companion for years to come.

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