Russian Blue Cat Breed Information & FAQS

The Russian Blue cat also has other names. It is known as, Archangel Cat, Foreign Blue, Maltese cat, Spanish Blue, and Russian Shorthair. Their origin is possibly Russian port of Archangel around the pre-1800s.

These cat seems to be associated with royalty. It’s has a very elegant and regal appearance. The temperament is very reserved, gentle, and shy. This breed of Cat is one of the most least destructive of all cats, and is very ideal for indoor living.

This breed is especially a very cautious cat. It is sensitive to changes in its environment and is very uneasy with strangers. Russian Blue cats have very lustrous coats that are soft, dense, insulating, and double layered. It is thick with very dense undercoat, and comes in solid colors of Blue, Black, and white. This breed needs to have good regular brushing to keep their coats stunning and lustrous.

Their trademark emerald green eyes is a more of a recent origin, it was not until 1933 that the breed had these. They used to have yellow eyes.

The body of a Russian Blue is well muscled, but never heavy. The head is longer from ears to eyes than from eyes to nose. The eyes are large, almond shaped, and widely spaced. The ears are large, pointed and set vertically. The legs are long but not delicate. The tail is moderate length and thickness, tapering to a rounded tip. Their silhouette is long, and graceful.

The weight of this breed is around 7-12 lb (3-5.5 kg) and they can live up to 13 to 15 years of age.

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