Ragdoll Cat Breed

Ragdoll cat breed is also called Cherubim and Ragamuffins. This breed started in 1963 in California.

Ragdoll cat breed is known for its docile and relaxed temperament. It is said if you pick them up it is supposed to go limp and floppy -like a Rag doll, hence the name.

They are a large breed, and very laid-back cat that has a semi longhair with the most charming blue eyes. The built of their body looks powerful. They have big round paws, a head that is broad and wide cheeked with wide eyes and a long bushy tail. The coat is dense and silky. This breed has 3 main groupings, Colourpointed, Mitted and Bi-colour. It is considered a pointed breed; this usually means that the body is lighter in color than the points, which are the face, legs, tail and ears. This breed matures very slowly, its fur will reach full coat color at two years and it will reach its full size and weight at four.

Ragdoll cats are a wonderful breed. They have such a gorgeous appearance and have such a sweet character that is trusting, loyal and loving. They are such a docile, relaxed and friendly cat breed that is adaptable with everyone or anyone. They just love to be held and carried and take pleasure in the time spent with their owner and thrive on it.

Ragdoll cats are strictly an indoor cat since they have such a docile, relaxed temperament; they need a calm environment but not always. They are usually very quiet and have very soft voices but are really loud purrers. They are considered low maintenance even if they have semi long hair, since their hair is non-matting but regular brushing once a week is a must. They are prone to hairballs and of course they love the attention and time with you.

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