All The Information You Need About Persian Cat

You can easily identify a Persian cat by their long hair and body type. Their faces are flat with short noses and small ears. Their bodies are broad-chested with sturdy legs and large paws, and of course they all have a soft, thick fur coat with a distinctive ruff around the neck, and a full low slung tail.

They are one of the most popular breeds of cats. They are also the longest-known pedigree cats. They come in various colors and patterns, not just white. There are about 60 different color variations of this breed. It can be quite an expense as well when deciding to get a Persian; it depends on where you get it and what type you get.

During cat competitions, they are usually divided into seven color divisions– solid, silver and gold, tabby, shaded, smoke,bicolor, and Himalayan and normally get noticed first by their long and flowing coat, not just their color.

Persian cats are also known for their gentle and sweet personalities, not just for their long hair. They make such a great companions for anyone even kids since they’re not a very demanding breed and are among the easiest to keep. They don’t need a lot of attention but like to be admired and are still very playful. They have a pleasing voice that is nice to hear. It’s easy for them to use their voice and their eyes to communicate with their owners. They’re not a destructive breed and they don’t like to climb and jump that much compared to other cats. Most of the time, Persians just like to lounge, be admired and bask in the sun to show how pretty they are.

It is best to try to keep Persian cats inside the house to protect their coat and also keep diseases and common parasites away from them. If they must go outside, they can easily damage their coats. Grooming Persian cats is a bit of work, since their fur is long and dense, they will need to be brushed daily with a metal comb, or their coat can become tangled, which will lead to hairballs and looking quite dull and oily. This breed is quite different, since you will need to bathe them on a regular basis to help protect his coat unlike some breeds who can maintain their coats on their own... You will also need to dry them fully, if not the hair will look oily. Try to start bathing them when they are young and they will get used to it and actually begin to like it.

Bringing your Persian cat to the vet on a yearly basis will help keep them healthy and by properly caring for them with grooming, shots and checkup, they can live as long as 20 years. The only one problem with Persians is their eyes. It’s so big and it’s hard for them to clean. But don’t worry, this is fairly common, just check on a regular basis and wipe it with a tissue, so it doesn’t get out of control. You’re cat will love you for it.

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