Questions and Facts about Cats

Many facts about cats are familiar knowledge because cats are such a popular pet; however there are a few little known facts that I’m sure will surprise even the most experience cat lover.

Here are some Facts about Cats

  • All kittens are born with blue eyes, which eventually changes color over time.

  • Cats always land on their feet.

  • Cats are the most popular pets to own, more than dogs.

  • Catnip can affect lions and tigers.

  • Cats communicate using about 16 “cat words.”

  • In the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, Felix the Cat was the very first balloon used.

  • About 4,000 years ago in Egypt, cats were domesticated.

  • Cats can usually live for around 14 years and some up to 20.

  • Male cats are called toms.

  • Female cats are called queens.

  • Baby cats are called kittens, litter, or kindle.

  • There are around 36 species in the cat family.

  • Cats sleep for about 16 hours a day.

  • Cats like to eat their food at room temperature.

  • Cats like to eat grass.

  • Cats have a 3rd eyelid called a haw.

  • The sense of smell for cats is 14 times stronger than humans.

  • Killing or hurting a cat in Ancient Egypt was punishable by death.

  • Cats nose pads are like human fingerprints, each one is unique.

Another fact about cats is the age of your cat in Human years. Here is a chart that shows how old your furry friend is.

Romeo a Silver Tabby Cat

Cat YearsHuman Years
1 year20 years
2 years25 years
3 years30 years
4 years35 years
5 years40 years
6 years45 years
7 years50 years
8 years55 years
9 years60 years
10 years65 years
11 years70 years
12 years75 years
13 years80 years

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