Declawing Cats is Cruel and Inhumane!

I’m really against declawing cats. Cats need their claws for a lot of things. It is very important for a cat because it is an essential part of balancing. Just watch your cat jump and latch on to a high object; they are using their claws to pull themselves up. They also use their claws to climb high places, like a tree.

Cats don’t just use their claws to climb things; they use it for stretching, walking and running. By declawing cats, they lose their primary source of defense against other animals and humans. Cats tend to keep their claws sharp, since it is their only weapon aside from their teeth. Another thing they use their claws is when they go to the bathroom, cats use their claws to cover up their mess with dirt.

I know a lot of people choose to declaw their cats because they use their claws to scratch things. Cats do this to mark their territory. Their claws have glands that contain a secretion. When they scratch something, they leave a mark or secretion that is transferred to that area. This is only detectable to other cats and not humans. They also scratch to remove the older claw, which will drop off and give them a brand new claw that resides underneath.

The truth is that there are cat owners who put their furniture or carpets above their cats. These cat owners are afraid that their cat will ruin all their things with their claws, therefore they will choose to get their cat declawed. Only Veterinarians can remove a cats claws. Declawing cats is a surgical procedure and most veterinarian wont do the surgery because the cat owner is worried about their furniture and things.

Declawing cats is very painful and confusing for the cat. If you’ve been thinking about getting your cat declawed, know that this surgery can change your cat’s personality. Your cat wont is able to jump to high places or be able to play like he once did. They might get depressed and tend to get aggressive and bite with their teeth. Your cat will be miserable and unhappy. If you love your cat, this will be hard to bear.

If you’re really worried about your furniture and things, don’t get a cat. Cats do scratch on occasion and if you cant deal with this, don’t own a cat. Get another pet that doesn’t have claws, there are lots of other great pets out there. There are also ways to keep your cat from scratching your stuff.

You can start by getting a scratching post and letting your cat know where it is and how to use it. They catch on very quickly once you show them the ropes. They wont even want to scratch your furniture or your belongings anymore. There are also mats or carpets made especially for a cat to scratch. It is also good to put some catnip on the area you want your cat to scratch on. I especially like the cat scratching pads. My cats loved them!

There are usually other ways to protect your stuff from cat’s claws, other than declawing cats. It is very mean and inhumane to get your cats declawed!

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