Fun and Enjoyable Cat Games

Cat games can make both you and your pet’s life more interesting. Here are some of the favorite games that I like to play with my cat.

Cat Fetch – while most cats are not like dogs there are certainly a few that is and really enjoy playing fetch. If you’ve never tried this before, I suggest that you get one of those small cloth mice with a little bit of catnip inside of it and even a little bell that makes a noise inside.

toy mouse with catnip inside

Laser pointer Action – I don’t know why exactly, but I’m sure a vet could explain it to you, but cat’s (all cats!) seem to absolutely go crazy for laser pointers. Cats love chasing the small red dot from a laser light.

Using a Ping-Pong ball makes a great toy for your cat. Just roll the ball down on the floor and watch your cat go. You could even draw something to decorate the ball to make it more interesting. Just make sure to use a permanent marker that is safe for cats.

Find a piece of string and tie a ribbon or a paper bow to the end of the string and wiggle the string around your cat. Watch your cat get excited and pull it behind you as you walk. This will be fun for your cat.

A paper shopping bag or a paper grocery bag always works well. Put it on the floor for your cat to play in. Watch your curious cat try to get in it and move it around. To make it even more fun, put a ball inside of the bag and watch your cat bat it around inside. Another fun idea is to tie a string to the back of the bag and once your cat is trying to get in, pull it.

Grab a towel or blanket. Put your hand under it and move your fingers up and down and around. Your cat will pounce and try to catch your fingers. A little caution here, make sure to cut your cat nails before you play this game.

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