What A Strange Cat Behavior!

Cat behavior can really be confusing at times since cats behave in odd manners all the time. People just assume that cats just have their own agenda, as long as they get their food, water, and have clean litter to use. Here are some of the common behaviors your cat does.

The most common behavior of cats is when a cat pushes or rubs their heads into any type of object or person that allows them to do so. Whether it’s against table legs, chairs, corner of a sofa, wall, people’s legs etc. You probably know what I mean, especially when they try to rub on your legs when you’re walking and you almost fall.

This is especially true, when you have a person that owns other animals that visits. You have a few cats or other animals living in the same household. They also sense when people don’t like cats and they especially try to mark them and people with allergies.

This kind of cat behavior is seen as a way for a cat to mark people and objects with their familiar scent. By rubbing and pushing his head onto things, he transfers a touch of saliva on to the object or person. When a cat does this, it means they own you and you belong in their territory. Cats usually repeat this behavior all the time, on the same places, since the scent will fade.

Another cat behavior that I’m sure you have noticed is when your cat is spending a lot of time by the windows and make very strange noises, sounds and weird movements. Usually the cat’s bottom jaws start chattering. It looks pretty funny and bizarre but don’t worry, your cat probably is just looking at a bird, cat, or insect. Your furry friend is just simply acting out the hunter instinct in him.

As most of you already know, cats love to pounce on things. They pounce on your legs when you are walking or sitting for no apparent reason and then run away. Some cats get sneaky by hiding behind a curtain and then pouncing when you walk by. Don’t worry their not trying to scare you to death, they just love to play and sometime they get bored and they think this is fun.

The longer you own your cat, the more you will know about cat behavior and see why they are behaving the way they do. Cats do tend to behave in strange ways and sometimes they do this to get attention. As long as you pay attention to your cat, you will have a better understanding of their behavior and as long as you keep them healthy and happy, you will have no problems.

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