Arthritis In Cats

Arthritis in cats is not a very common illness among cats. Cats that do get arthritis usually get them from an accident that they had and has made their bones or joints weak and joints inflamed. There is also more than one type of arthritis that can afflict your cat.

The first type of arthritis is called a Traumatic arthritis. It is an injury that a cat can get from an accident like being hit by a car or having a fight with another animal. This type of injury does not last that long but can be very painful, like a sprain. But if it is a fracture, then the pain can last a lot longer and sometimes the cat might need surgery to heal the fracture or dislocation.

The second type is called, Osteoarthritis, this is when a joint just quits functioning properly and new bone is growing around the joint. This type is commonly seen in older cats that might have been in accidents or have dislocated their joints or have gotten fractures. The pain will be severe and your cat will need some relief from the ache. The pain can be worse for an overweight cat.

If you think your cat has arthritis, talk with your veterinarian to get the treatment your cat needs. Since the longer your cat sits around in pain, the stiffer the joints will become and the pain will be unbearable with every step they take.

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