American Shorthair Cat Breed Information

American Shorthair cat is an easygoing, self-sufficient, and a no nonsense breed. Its origin is from the United States. It is one of the oldest breeds of cats in North America.

They come in a variety of colors, about 80 colors and color pattern. The Silver Tabby is the most common and most popular color of the American Shorthair cat.

This breed can be quite large, and the full-cheeked face and robust, muscular body exude strength. The body of this breed of cat is solid, powerful and muscular. The coat is short, thick and hard in texture. Legs are medium-length and heavily muscled. The tail is medium-length and thick at the base. Eyes are large, rounded, and very slightly tilted. Head is large and slightly longer than it is wide. Ears are medium sized and well space with rounded tips. They have a gently concave nose and a chin that is vertically in line with nose. Their head is wide and they have round cheeks. They weigh about 8-15lb (3.5-7 kg.).

American Shorthair is a great family pet. They are usually calm, have affectionate personalities and rarely need special care. This breed is a quiet breed and their meow is soft and low. They get along well with kids and with other pets. This breed’s qualities are the reason they are the most popular in North America.

They tend not to enjoy being alone, and most owners of this breed tend to have more cats. They are a very playful breed and often play with cat toys or anything that is moving. They will remain playful throughout their lives.

This breed is quite intelligent and you can pretty much train your it to fetch toys or other objects, even use your own toilet.

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