Cat Tips and Advice That You Can Use Today!

Cat lovers welcome! I want to share the best cat tips with all of you. I'm obsessed and love cats so much. My place is full of photos and pictures of cats. I love any movie and books about cats. Yes, I'm a crazy cat person! If you are to, this is the site for you.

I've always had cats growing up and over the years have learned a great deal about them. That's why I have a lot of cat care advice to share. I even have my veterinary assistant and pet first aid certification.

This website will have all the cat tips, cat health, and cat care advice you will need. From choosing a kitten or cat. What supplies are needed. Bringing your cat home for the first time. Finding a name for your cat. Living with your cat and basic training.

Even Concerns if the cat should live indoors or outdoors. What to do when moving or relocating. Keeping your cat healthy, signs of cat illnesses, and choosing a veterinarian.

This site also has information about dental, grooming, cat breeds, types of cats, and vaccination needed. It has information about your cat getting older and death.

We also give tips on how to clean cat urine and what's the best way to get rid of cat hair on furniture, Finding the best cat products for you, cat lovers and your wonderful feline friend and much more!